Delicious Food with Auntie TIM Sambal Serbaguna under 5 minutes

Are you so busy that you hardly have time to cook? Or are you hesitant to cook because you are an inexperienced cook? If so, then you will be really ecstatic to know that Auntie TIM Sambal Serbaguna is your saviour.

What is it?

It’s the famous Sambal (chilli paste) you can use in your cooking that not only enhances the appearance of your dish; it also makes it super delicious! With Auntie TIM Sambal Serbaguna, even if you are an inexperienced cook and have not really mastered the art of cooking, your worries are over and about to become a thing of the past. For Auntie TIM Sambal Serbaguna will not only help you to prepare delicious aromatic dishes, but it does so in just 5 minutes.

How is this possible?

That’s because the paste not only has the essential chillies and salt needed in most Asian cooking; it is in-bound with a typical Malaysian flavour. And all that is needed is for you to tweak the dishes with the mere addition of the other typical Asian spices to come up with the tasty, individual dishes that Malaysian cooking is renowned for. So, what more do you need? As a matter of fact, this is the very sambal that is used in preparing the paste for the most famous Malaysian dish: the Nasi Lemak

About Auntie TIM Sambal Serbaguna

The Auntie TIM Sambal Serbaguna is a multipurpose sambal which can be used in a variety of dishes: in assam pedas, rendang, a variety of curries, in laksa gravy, for poppiah filling, as sauce paste, or to cook various styles of fried rice, just to name a few dishes it can be used for. Whether you want to cook a simple dish or to prepare a fancy Malaysian dish, this paste is extremely handy. The paste instantly enhances the taste and flavour of any dish to make it super delicious, aromatic and appetizing to look at. It is certainly the next best thing a person should have in his/her kitchen since adding this would make your food not only taste simply amazing but it offers you the possibilities of a variety of dishes via a multitude of cooking styles!

Why Auntie TIM Sambal Serbaguna?

Yes, the best part of Auntie TIM Sambal Serbaguna is that it can be used in various cooking styles. You can fry it, boil it for a soupy dish, use it fresh as a filling, bake it in an oven, steam it or saute it.

In addition, the paste can be stored in the refrigerator to be used any time when needed. Thus, for the busy cook it is certainly a must to have in the kitchen since the paste can be put to immediate use direct from the refrigerator. Consequently, cooking time is remarkably reduced.

Most importantly, there will be no mess in the kitchen to chop and pound to prepare the essential chilli paste needed in cooking, or to clean the kitchen as the aftermath of pounding the chilli paste. Neither do you need to blend it in the blender and having to wash and clean the various utensils after use! And that is certainly an important consideration for the house-proud owner who regards cleanliness as being next to Godliness, and is conscious of his/her limited time schedule and is determined to clean up his/her messy kitchen after cooking. This could make for a stressful cooking time and for cooking to become a chore to accomplish! The solution: use the Auntie TIM Sambal Serbaguna in your cooking. The Sambal not only helps you to save time and effort in your cooking, it also brings peace of mind during your cooking to enable you to enjoy your spell in the kitchen concocting sumptuous and delicious meals!

Ingredients Used 

The ingredients used in this chilli paste are: Onion, Dried chilli, Garlic, Cooking Oil, Anchovies, Palm Sugar, Shrimp paste, Garcinia atroviridis and Salt.

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